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PyramidG will help you to calculate the parameters of the golden section pyramid by the desired height or the length of the base, the ratio of which will be the golden section. You can choose the length of the base of the pyramid or the height of the pyramid as the greater value. 
PyramidG Phi calculates the parameters of the pyramid, which is based on the Golden Triangle. The calculation is based on the specified values of the height or length of the base of the pyramid.

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Calculation of the Golden section

Online calculation of the parameters of the pyramid of the Golden section + Telegram bot.


The length or the height of the future pyramid is of the utmost important in the design. Choose the parameters which are important for you and find out the full size of the pyramid. Note that at the moment, the calculation is based on the ratio of the length and the height of the pyramid, which somehow differs the resulting pyramid from the Cheops one.


PyramidGBot will quickly give you the parameters of your future pyramid of the golden section along the height or length of the base of the pyramid.

PyramidG for Cheops

The pyramid is based on the Golden triangle. The result is a pyramid with a base length of 2 and a square root height of Phi (Φ). The height of the face corresponds to the value of the Golden section. Specify the required length or height for the calculation.

The golden section pyramid scan

The golden section pyramid scan

The golden section pyramid scan is a square and equal to each other isosceles triangles, extending from the square’s side. The triangles are the side faces of the pyramid.

Eliminate metal conductors

What are the materials for the golden section pyramid?

Eliminate metal conductors. Paper, plastics, and synthetic materials are generators of static electricity, which may affect the effectiveness of the pyramid.

Place the pyramid of the Golden section strictly on the sides of the world

Where to put the pyramid of the golden section?

The faces of the pyramid of the golden section must be strictly oriented to the sides of the world. Exclude conductors from the location places.

golden triangle

Golden Triangle  (√Φ, Φ, 1)

According to the rule of the Golden triangle, a pyramid is created in the following proportions: the length of the base 2, the height of the pyramid √Φ and the height of the face of the pyramid Φ.

Φ=1.6180339887498948482… (golden number)

Pyramid properties

At the time, researchers and scientists have discovered the amazing properties of the pyramids. The basis was taken smaller copies of the pyramid of Cheops. Since then, the practice of treatment with pyramids has started.
According to some experts in the pyramid there are hypothetical rays "PI" and "omega". The first allegedly destroy tumors, destroy bacteria and microbes and mummify organic matter. Omega rays have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Pi Omega Pyramids

The lower zone of the pyramid

At the bottom are dying microorganisms, stops the putrefaction process. If you put water in this area, its molecular structure will change and the water will become alkaline and increase electrical conductivity.


The average zone of a pyramid

In the middle part of the pyramid energy is converted into a thinner substance.


The upper zone of the pyramid

The upper zone increases the acidity of the water, decreasing pH in contrast to the lower zone in which the pH increases.

The place where the pyramid is located is approaching the state of Harmony. It is possible to allocate some moments of influence of pyramids:

  • Eliminates the negative impact of radiation from computers, televisions, reduced radiation levels.
  • The level of stress is reduced.
  • Water does not freeze at a significant minus.
  • The food in the pyramid lasts longer than usual.
  • The human body placed in the pyramid is rebuilt on the processes of healing and rejuvenation.

Types of pyramids

The simplest and most common pyramid of the Golden section is the pyramid with the ratio of height to the length of the base or the length of the base to the height in accordance with the parameter of the Golden section.

The classical pyramid of the Golden section-a pyramid in the proportions of the Golden section, which is based on the Golden Triangle, in its parameters and characteristics similar to the pyramid of Cheops. To simplify the manufacture of the pyramid in order to study its properties began to make frame pyramids with the same proportions and found that the frame pyramids retain all the same features, but the range of applications is much expanded.

Pyramid Of Milev

Pyramid Of I. Milev

Subsequently, the pyramid of I. Milev was created with an additional element in the form of a vertical antenna with a radiator.

Pyramid Of Slavnikov

Pyramid Of Slavnikov

Very interesting design at the pyramid Slavnikova, properly called a bipyramid. It consists of two regular pyramids with triangular bases connected by vertices symmetrically to each other. There are here and antenna and emitter. 

Pyramid Of Golod

Pyramid Of Golod

The most famous was the pyramid of Golod. Its peculiarity is that the height is twice the base. And the absence of iron in the construction of the pyramid is mandatory. The pyramid is a pyramid of the Golden section, the diameters of the balls inscribed in the pyramid form the Golden section.

The pyramid of Cheops filled with quartz sand with plastic base and faces was called the Bulgarian pyramid.
Proskuryakov's pyramid is protected by patents of the Russian Federation and also uses its pyramidal capabilities for harmonization and recovery.

Everyone can build a smaller copy of the pyramid Φ (Phi), and for calculations you can use the ready calculator for the pyramid of the Golden section.

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